A historic building

Spend your holidays in Chasa 49, the best situated house in Guarda. Chasa 49 is in the centre of the village, but set back from the high street. The house is south-facing and boasts fabulous views of the valley, unobstructed by buildings. This is a unique location, which guarantees peace and quiet, night and day. Constructed in the 17th century, this simple farmhouse was converted and extended by architect Urs Padrun in 2009/2010, preserving original features whilst updating it to meet today’s standards of comfort. Originally, the house was used as an annexe to Chasa 50, which was the most important Susten (inn) in the village at that time.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (fitted with showers), a fully equipped kitchen, the stüva (dining room) and a living room. 2 of the 3 bedrooms are available to guests and sleep a maximum of 6 (people per room: 2 and 2+2). In the cellar, a washing machine and tumble dryer are available for general use. The house is comprehensively insulated and equipped with a modern and ecological geothermal heating system, ensuring that it is habitable all year round. Internet access is also provided for residents.

Unique features

Chasa 49 was built in the 17th century, directly adjoining to the main façade of Chasa 50. The main entrance and window of Chasa 50 have been bricked up. However, the original sgraffiti have been preserved intact. This façade needed to be covered for thermal reasons and soundproofing. In order to give guests of Chasa 49 an idea of what is hidden behind the new wall, “windows” have been constructed to show particularly interesting details.

One of the most beautiful rooms, the cross-vaulted living room, belongs to Chasa 49, but is actually located in Chasa 50. The room was transferred to the previous residents of Chasa 49 in the 18th or 19th century. This space was originally used as the chaminada (pantry and meat drying room).

The furniture comprises original chests, tables and chairs, some of which are several centuries old. It is important to us that guests of Chasa 49 feel very much at home. To ensure that all future guests will have the same experience, we ask you to treat furnishings with care.


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The Engadine house

The Engadine house is a type of farmhouse, typical of the Engadine and Vinschgau regions and the Upper Inn Valley in Tyrol. Distinctive features include thick stone walls, often decorated using the sgraffito technique, deep recessed windows, dormer windows and the two entrances.
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