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Guarda is located right at the heart of the fairytale landscape of Romansh-speaking Lower Engadine and is known as the village of Schellen-Ursli, the boy with the bell.

A holiday in Guarda means pure relaxation. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and tranquillity of the best kept village in the Lower Engadine (Henri Louis Wakker prize, 1975), which at 1,653 m above sea level is also the village at the highest altitude in the region.

The village is worth a visit for its historic buildings alone, yet has much more to offer. Guarda is the ideal starting point for some beautiful and enjoyable walks, hikes and in winter for occasional skiing in Scuol, Samnaun and St. Moritz.

The nearby Swiss National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience nature and animals close up, indeed closer than anywhere else in Switzerland.

It may not take very long to explore Guarda, but those who visit will be reluctant to leave.

Explorer Guarda ne nécessite pas beaucoup de temps, mais une fois arrivé, on a de la peine à repartir.

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Guarda offers a wealth of shops and other commercial facilities. In addition to a well stocked grocery store and two restaurants, there are various craft shops and two health centres. Anything that you cannot find in the village is available in Scuol and Zernez.